MOTOBARN is a collector motorcycle live auction designed to give the buyer and seller an honest platform to share the enthusiasm and passion for all types of motorcycles. It’s the place to sell your ride and find your next one. We select motorcycles that are collectable, rare, interesting and generally fuel our passion for the motorcycle community.


To submit your motorcycle for auction, please email 5 quality photographs, full description and condition, history of service and/or modifications, and your reserve price.

When we accept your motorcycle for auction, you will pay $49 via PayPal. We ask that you send a full set of photographs of about 40, we will write a full honest description, that you will approve, and then we set a date for your auction to begin.

Auctions typically last 28 days but we are flexible. We ask you to not sell the motorcycle privately before the auction ends. We encourage you to promote your auction if you like.


To register, click the Sign in button and enter a username and password. It’s that easy. Next, look around, see something you like, place a bid. And have fun!

The winning bidder pays a 5% buyer’s premium of the final sale price. We then exchange contact information of the buyer and seller to arrange payment and shipping.

For submissions please email us at