Fair directors have sent out vendor packages and began advertising weeklong passes for the 2020 Bloomsburg Fair.

Driving on Route 11 near Bloomsburg, it’s tough to miss the massive billboard advertising the 165th annual Bloomsburg fair.

Despite concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, fair directors don’t anticipate taking it down.

“This is like a holiday for several counties around, people look forward to it every year, but the main thing is, we as directors, need to make certain it’s safe and we can do the social distancing,” said the fair’s director of Grandstand Entertainment, Brian Wawroski.

Organizers are now accepting vendor registrations to see how many are interested in coming.

The fair week usually brings 1,100 to 1,200 vendors from across the region to the fairgrounds.

This year, organizers say it will likely be around 800.

Nonetheless, people are thrilled to be able to get their fair favorites.

“My favorite thing is a gyro, it’s a sandwich, and I wait once a year to get it,” said Christine Lechine of Bloomsburg.

“We love the food, and I love animals, so I enjoy going to the animal events,” said Kathy Voterro of Millersburg.

A Bloomsburg University alumni tells Newswatch 16 he drives an hour to attend the fair for the famous apple dumplings, Grotto’s pizza, and “soupies.”

“I come here every single year, I came here before I was even in college, came during college, now I come back and see a lot of classmates, former classmates who come back every year,” said Tom Vottero of Millersburg.

Wawroski says there will be new things, like a motorcycle show.

He says there will be concerts and entertainment on the grandstand stage, but downsizing the fair in terms of vendors and ticket sales will mean less revenue to pay for big names.

He anticipates they will have fewer shows than in years past.

More details about the entertainment schedule will be released this week.

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